Ozone Moxie

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New EN-A wing for rapid progression

To celebrate 2023 we are pleased to announce this brand new wing.

The Moxie is an entirely new design aimed at beginner pilots who wish to quickly progress in their flying with maximum ease and safety.

The wing has been designed with the easiest launch we have ever experienced, highly intuitive handling, a generous yet precise brake range for fun and effective thermal flying, and a deep and forgiving flare. It offers a significant performance gap compared to the Element3. For instructors, the Moxie provides the ultimate platform for student progression and will suit both ab-initio pilots and the newly qualified.

Full of technology

The Moxie contains an incredible amount of technological features given the class and cost of the wing:

– Winglets: following the success of use in our paramotor range, we have adapted winglets to the Moxie in order to improve roll and spiral stability. They have proven to work very well and significantly reduce the chances of remaining neutral in spiral.

– Carefully engineered cell openings have eliminated any form of vibration which is frequently an issue in entry level wings.

– Double transversal shaping from our competition wings provides a perfectly wrinkle free leading edge, maximizing the glide performance available in this aspect ratio and profile.

– An optimized line plan has reduced line drag by 18% compared to previous designs in this class.

– The Moxie-specific profile has been selected for the easiest possible inflation & ground handling and passive safety. This all new profile has significantly reduced thickness; reducing the volume of air, which in turn makes inflation and launch much easier.