Ozone MojoMax

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New beginner trike wing – MojoMAX 

The MojoMAX is a Trike wing designed specifically for beginner pilots. It is a perfect tool for schools that focus on trike flying, as it is ideal for students, who start their learning process on a trike with no experience in paragliding or foot launch paramotor.

Key features:

  • Low take-off and landing speed
  • High load test 250 kg at 8G
  • Winglets for max stability
  • Short risers (Updated Ozone risers)
  • New design and colours

The MojoMax features a highly efficient profile with the added benefit of roll-reducing winglets. Load tested to 250kgs at 8G, the Mojomax’s internal structure has been reinforced and the line set beefed up for a larger structural safety margin at high loads. The all new dedicated risers are shorter than standard for easy access and feature the latest more comfortable handles, A-assist tabs for easier inflation and a long trimmer range for effortless speed control.