PAP Lifevest

PAPs flytväst för rammontage.
Modellen togs fram inför Skyhub Paramotors in Dubai 2016.
Den kan användas flera gånger efter inspektion och ny gasbehållare.

Banköverföring eller Betalning vid leverans


PAP, in association with Skyhub Paramotors in Dubai, have updated their Powerfloat buyoyancy aid for paramotor frames.

The Powerfloat fits onto the central part of a paramotor frame, and can be left in place even if the machine is dismantled.
In the event of a water landing, it will deploy automatically using a compressed air inflation system. (There is a manual release toggle as back-up too).

The aim of the Powerfloat is to prevent your motor from sinking into the murky depths, and thereby from dragging you under, but PAP reiterate thatit does not replace a personal life vest, which should also always be used when flying near water.

The Powerfloat is multi-use, with replacement compressed air cartridges.