PAP Safari 125

PAP Safari 125

PAP Safari 125 ersätter PA125
En otroligt lätt motor !

  • Description

The “PA125” gives way to our new 125cc engine, the “SAFARI125” (Fig. 07):

It is a 125cc air cooled engine (54 x 54 mm.) With a diaphragm carburettor and 23 hp. of power at 9800 rpm. The gear is of Poly V belt with a reduction of 1 / 3,65 and carries a centrifugal clutch. Its weight with a manual start is about 12.1 kg.

The Safari will also be available in a version with an electric starter : the battery is Lithium and the extra weight of the whole electric starter kit is 1 kg. Very interesting for pilots who may find the pull start difficult.

For security reasons we have chosen to have the start button in the same box that carries the battery, the relay, the short circuit, the fuse and a display for the battery charge level (Fig. 08).

You can press the start button of the engine whilst it’s on your back, on the ground or during flight.

The battery does not charge with the engine and you will have to charge it with the charger that is delivered as standard. You can start the engine approximately 40 times with a fully charged battery, this allows for a good few days of flight without recharging.