NavITer Oudie 4

NavITer Oudie 4

7 495 kr

NavITers populära instrument med stor färgskärm som syns tydligt i solljus. Den har luftrumskartor installerade vid leverans. Fullversionen som har alla funktioner för tävling. Levereras med SeeYou mjukvara för 12 månader. Oudie 4 har 18 språk installerat inkl Svenska.

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Oudie 4

The Oudie 4 by Naviter combines a high sensitivity vario, assisted by gyro, accelerometer and magnetometer, with unmatched color mapping and navigation making the Oudie 4 the absolute ideal flight instrument for competition, serious XC and technical recreational pilots. The large, full color, sunlight-readable display means that the pilot can view far more information at a glance than conventional displays. The touch screen gives the pilot far more control over the instrument than conventional button instruments. No two pilots have the same needs and the Oudie 4 addresses this with unparalleled user customization.

  • Very bright full color display (selectable portrait or landscape)
  • Glove friendly touchscreen
  • Full color moving map including pre-loaded topography, roads, train features and airspace
  • 66+ Data-fields to choose from
  • 3D airspace warning and alarms
  • Thermal and wind assistant
  • Race route (with optimization)
  • Fully customizable including data-field placement, size, font size, map detail, etc
  • >12 hour battery
  • Practically unlimited IGC file recording for competition, OLC and world records
  • Flight replay and simulation mode
  • Lifetime free software upgrades

What’s new in both versions of Oudie 4:

1. New vario. Now assisted by inertial sensors (gyros, accelerometers and magnetometers). Contrary to our initial expectations the inertial vario – when done right – is a real benefit and does provide additional information to pilot through its instantaneous response without being nervous or too sensitive.

2. New wind. The new sensors (and clever use of the Kalman filters if you like) allowed us to improve wind prediction considerably. In the best case scenario Oudie 4 will give a useful wind estimate already after a single 180 degree turn on the ridge. It also works at wind speeds higher than your airspeed. Additional turns make the prediction better of course. There is even lots of room for improvement of this in the future.

The body and the screen remain the same as with the Oudie 3+. All of the accessories and hacks that you made for your Oudie 3 cockpit will fit nicely. The only minor change is that the USB port has moved to the bottom which gives a small benefit in that it will be possible to charge the Oudie 4 with a regular mini USB cable and a Battery Pack – something that’s not possible with the Oudie 3. Some of the minor features are still in development so a detailed comparison table and descriptions will follow later.

All existing Oudie 3/3+ users will be able to upgrade to the Oudie 4.

*All upgrades and Oudie 4 deliveries (except Oudie 4 Basic) also include a coupon for 1-year free use of the SeeYou software.