Icaro Solar X

Icaro Solar X

4 600 kr5 750 kr

En praktisk hjälm för motorflyg som har samma storlek justering som Nerv, friflyghjälm.
Det finns flera alternativ till headset, ett Icaro ICE light och ett Icaro ICE OP II med elektronik. Det senaste bygger på ny elektronik “ICE” = Icaro Comunica Electronics….. Vi använder ICE OP II i vår skolning för PM.

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Carbon, Vit/Svart, Grön/Svart, Orange/Svart


Small (cm 53 – 54 – 55- 56), Medium (cm 57 – 58 – 59), Large (cm 60 – 61)


Headset ICE Light, Headset ICE 2 mt Peltor 3M-X5 gray (no volume control)

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Inget visir, Transparent, Brown

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Inget visir, Transparent, Brown

About the name ICE

For years, we have been in contact with a friend of ours, the engineer Ralph Chester, who was formerly a pilot in the Royal Air Force.

Ralph has a company, Comunica, that manufactures state-of-the-art electronic systems for radio communications.

We have invited Comunica, with their 25 years experience making leading helmet and headset electronics for sport and professional aircraft, to design a new communications range, of the very highest quality, to complement our family of sport and professional flying helmets:

“ICE” = Icaro Comunica Electronics…..

The ICE design philosophy is simple:

To select the world’s very best components (ear defence, microphones, earphones, controls, cables and connectors, radios etc) to build your equipment, with cost a secondary consideration.
To give you the highest possible levels of comfort, safety, ease-of-use and long life of your communications equipment.